DAOs are the next big media companies but without an agenda.

Who gets to write and curate content has been controlled by wealthy patrons and media conglomerates.

It's time for a change: prologe will allow you to sponsor articles & ideas you want to see in the world and get a stake in their success.

When people think of censorship, they often think about the information being banned. While this certainly is true, censorship also happens through the less visible act of not funding certain types of information.

Today, many writers are afraid to share their opinions online for fear of prosecution. And, if you're a small unknown writer, making money out of your writing is downright impossible.

Writers deserve fair compensation & protection.
Readers deserve to earn a stake in the success of the content they help finance. As well as the ability to influence its direction - it's a multiplayer game.

So we set out to build a world where:

  • writers are protected because they're funded pseudonymously
  • writers are compensated fairly because articles are judged based on quality - not credentials
  • readers get access to more nuanced information sources because content starts with reader demand
  • readers get a stake in the content's success by owning a share of the funded content